Dealing with tenants who don’t pay rent In Orlando

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sell your house with bad tenants Orlando

Regardless of how you became a landlord, your goal is to run your rentals like a business and be profitable. Part of running your rental like a business means collecting enough rent to cover expenses like maintenance, mortgage, and turn over. It’s important to always have your tenants sign a lease and your lease should include the following things: The … Read More

Selling to a Orlando real estate investor

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Sell your house to an Orlando Real Estate Investor

There is little doubt that some homeowners struggle with selling a house in Orlando. The traditional real estate process requires time, money, and effort. What if your house also has defects that are costly to fix. Here are a few general guidelines that apply to most homes. Foundation Repairs: Do you have cracked walls? Doors that won’t close? Or bulging … Read More

What can I do when I get a tax lien in Orlando?

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We Buy Houses With Property Tax Lien Orlando

If you neglect or fail to pay your taxes or you don’t pay them in full, IRS can place a federal tax lien, a legal claim against all or some of your assets. Liens exceeding $10,000 are recorded on the public record so they will dramatically affect your credit score. First, IRS assesses your liabilities than sends you a bill … Read More

Foreclosure notice of default in Orlando. What is it?

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Foreclosure notice of default in Orlando

Although the housing market has stabilized and the home prices have increased you might still find yourself having trouble paying your mortgage. If you fail to make your monthly mortgage payments your lender may take action to repossess your home. Not paying your mortgage can have a major impact on your credit score. As soon as you miss your first payment, the … Read More

How to sell your house quickly in Orlando

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How to sell your house quickly in Orlando

It is no secret that selling a house in Orlando, Florida can be one of the biggest transactions of their life for most homeowners. When you decide to sell, the ideal situation will be to sell fast and at a fair price. Here are some useful info about the current real estate market in Orlando and some tips that can … Read More

What is a short sale and how does it benefit you in Orlando

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Sell your house in Orlando with a short sale

Over the last couple of years, a lot of things have changed in the world of short sales in Orlando. The short sale niche is certainly growing in importance and popularity. There are many reasons homeowners have chosen this alternative such as divorce, medical problems, job loss or other problems or circumstances that occurred in their lives. No fees Involved … Read More

We buy houses in Orlando Companies

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We Buy houses Orlando

The real estate market is still fluctuating, with some markets getting back on tracks while others are fighting to add revenue. Investors play a crucial role in returning the housing market to pre-recession standards. The purchase of a property, with the intention to restore it initiates a process from which the whole neighborhood may benefit. Those companies that are buying … Read More

How to price your inherited home in Orlando for sale

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pricing inherited house orlando

Did you inherit a property that you’re now thinking about selling in Orlando? One way to find out a property’s fair market value is to use Comparables (also known as Comps). Comparables are an important part of estimating the current market value of your home. It is popular among real estate professionals and homebuyers. Comps are regarded as the best tool … Read More

Short sale vs foreclosure in Orlando FL, what is the difference?

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Foreclosure and Shortsales in Orlando

A short sale and foreclosure can present different advantages and difficulties regardless if you are on the buyers or sellers side of the transaction. It’s important to understand your options when pursuing a short sale or foreclosure. Foreclosure In Orlando Fl Foreclosure represents the legal option, which allows any mortgage lender to satisfy the outstanding balance on the mortgage loan; … Read More